There are coffee, cake and some ressources!

S'up! How cool that you look around!

Some tilesets are available and further ones coming soon. I hope you find some good stuff which you like and which can use them for your game :) You have wishes, ideas or  even found some bugs? Click the contact form and let me know!

Terms of use

These resources are edits of the MV-RTP, therefore you have to need the RPG Maker MV if you want to use them.

The resources may only usable in the RPG Maker program! Free to use for non commercial games. I want a finished version of your game if you use the ressources for commercial projects. Credits goes to Kadokawa/Enterbrain, to me (NuraRay) and other artists who are involved in some cowork-sets.

Edits for own purposes are free allowed. No reposts of my tilesets or resulting edits!

#1 Swamp Area

Who find the RTP swamp is to colorful?

There is a slushier alternative together with an appropriate house on stilts, therewith the moisture not creeps from the bottom to the top!

By the way, the trees are made by PandaMaru. Click here to look and find some more at the RPG Maker forum!

#2 The old Temple of Elves

Green atmospheric  temple charme.

Lost cultures from past days. Mother Nature take back everything which belonged to her when nobody stands in her way ... and so it happens here!


Send your heroes on a scouting expedition in an old abandoned temple. What will they experience and  discover?  ... And which treasures will find them?


Thanks to Bad Stitches for the helping hand on this set! :)

#3 Crystal Mine

Only gray is just boring ... and you can't barely do nothing so much with stones. Get the crystal mine which help some villagers to earn wealth and magicians to get generous might and magic!


So lets go, gotta catch the mine tiles and build a mysterious blue cave in your game! Your heroes will get freaked out if they see  the twinkle everywhere!

#4 Wild West

Howdy, cowboy!

Welcome at the edge of desert! Come in and enter the saloon! ... or the inn? No matter what, watch out for the sheriff, he is a badass. As long as you not be a bandit you won't get some trouble with him :D

If you like the tiny horses so look around at Avy! She got a whole stud farm and a huge choice of other ressource stuff!


Well, the set is kinda meagre indeed. Anytime, I add some new stuff in here if I'm in the right mood ^-^

#5 Sci-Fi Lab

What? ... what happened? It was still intact in this moment, right?


Such a real lab must be broken! ... Or better be intact?

Well, why not in both ways? So you can use the tiles for cool flashbacks or future visions :) I'm very curious about it how you  use this resources.


Thanks to Bad Stitches for the helping hand on this set! :)

#6 Egypt

Blazing sun, hot sand and lots of treasures!


A desert will be discover! ... and what would be a desert without a pyramid? Right, pretty boring!

So, get the Egypt - Set and let your heroes  explore old ancient tombs with lots of puzzles and secret switches!


Thanks to Bad Stitches, TheRealFusion and PandaMaru for the helping hand on this set! :)

#7 Steampunk

The feature is now!


...but all the modern skyscraper tiles are kind of boring... So our future is a steampunk future!


Yours too? Come and get the MakerMoles steampunk tiles! There a also some made by Bad Stitches :3